Steelrising | Complete guide

by on September 7, 2022

Steelrising is a fun, if challenging RPG with Soulslike and Metroidvania elements where a guide or two can certainly come in handy. Set in a fictional version of 18th Century Paris, you play the role of Aegis, an intelligent automaton designed to battle other machines through the besieged city and beyond. Aegis is despatched by the Queen of France to seek out key figures who might right the course of the Kingdom if they can be rescued and brought together. Unfortunately, the cities and countryside are now taken over by killer machines that will attack and slaughter anything in sight. That unfortunately makes the journey that little bit harder.

Taking on the challenge can seem quite daunting, but the adventure that Steelrising has to offer is well worth your time. And there’s plenty to sink your teeth into during your playthrough. But don’t be put off by the difficulty, because here at God is a Geek, we’ve pulled together every guide we have in one place to help you get the most out of Steelrising.

Whether it be learning how to upgrade your weapons, getting hold of the Grapple, or learning all about Modules and how they can help you in battle, we’ve got it all covered here.

So scroll on down and check out our handy guides to help you through this glorious Parisian adventure.




Steelrising Guide | How to get the Air Dash

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How to get the Grapple


How to fast travel

Steelrising | How to fast-travel


How to destroy breakable walls


Steelrising Guide | How to upgrade weapons

Steelrising | How to upgrade weapons


How to use Modules

Steelrising | How to install and upgrade Modules