Steelrising | How to use Modules

by on September 7, 2022

Steelrising may not be quite as challenging as some Soulslikes thanks to the Assist Mode and Modules which you can use. However, if you’re playing without Assist Mode, the latter game can be pretty tough. To stand a chance against the onslaught of evil Automats, Aegis will need to find and equip Modules. In this guide, we’ll explain how they work in Steelrising.

Steelrising| What are Modules?

Modules are performance modifiers that infer buffs and bonuses to Aegis for each one equipped. Some will improve her heat-sinks, others trigger health regeneration on critical hits. They must be equipped in one of four Module slots, each of which can be upgraded twice. In many cases, Module effects will stack for multiple versions.

Steelrising | How to install and upgrade Modules

The types of Module we’ve found (and their effects) are listed below:

Alchemical Shield Module: Increases Resistance to Flame, Frost and Fulmination
Efficient Countering Module: Increases parry window for weapons with shields
Efficient Ventilation Module: Reduces internal Frost damage caused by Rapid Cooling
Reinforced Armour: Increases overall Armour value
Unstable Essence Module: Gives a chance to recover an alchemical capsule after a shot
Frost Catalyst Module: Increases Frost damage and build-up
Flame Catalyst Module: Increases Flame damage and build-up
Fulmination Catalyst Module: Increases Fulmination damage and build-up
Fulmination Resistance Module: Increases Fulmination resistance
Frost Resistance Module: Increases Frost resistance
Flame Resistance Module: Increases Flame resistance
Immobilisation Module: Increases Immobilisation damage
Fight or Flight Module: Increases Aegis physical damage and impact when at low health
Lasting Affliction Module: Increases the duration of Alchemical Affliction
Critical Repair Module: Restores health on critical hit
Longevity Module: Increases Aegis’ health points
Respite Module: Restores Aegis’ energy when ehs Immobilises an enemy
Stun Module: Doubles the effects of Immobilisation on Aegis’ enemies
Survival Instinct Module: Adds Immobilisation to Aegis’ attacks when at low health
Will to Live Module: Increases Aegis’ armour and balance when at low health
Stable Charging Module: Increases balance during charge attacks
Efficient Charging Module: Increases physical damage of charged attacks
Long Infusion Module: Doubles the duration of Alchemical infusions applied to weapons
Fortifying Counter Module: Restores Health after a counterattack special move

Steelrising | How to install and upgrade Modules

Steelrising | Where do I find Modules?

You can find Modules in various places. Most commonly they are found on broken Automats along with Module Keys. Some can be found in chests, on defeated mini-bosses and Titans, or bought from the Vestal Boutique.

How do I upgrade Module slots?

To unlock Module slots you will need a Module Key. Then you’ll need 3 for level 2, and 5 for level 3. While you can install and remove Modules anywhere, you can only upgrade Module slots at a Vestal.

Where do I find Module Keys?

Keys can be found in many places, but most often on broken Automats or in chests. On rare occasions enemies can drop them. You can also buy a finite number from the Vestal Boutique. Note that upgrades are irreversible.

That’s all you need to know about how to install and upgrade Modules in Steelrising.