Valheim launches on PC Game Pass today

by on September 29, 2022

After taking the world by storm via Steam early access around 18 months ago, Valheim is now on PC Game Pass. If you prefer, of course, you could just buy it via the Microsoft Store for £19.99, and it’s worth noting the Microsoft Store version offers “full crossplay capabilities”.

Having sold over 10 million copies already since February 2021, it’s a very popular game, and to be clear, the crossplay is currently so that Windows Store owners and Game Pass players can also play with their Steam friends. Valheim is aiming to hit Xbox Series S|X (on game pass again) in Spring 2023. That console version is being developed by an external team at developer Fishlabs, while the crossplay and MS-store compatibility is being handled by Piktiv, as original developer Iron Gate is continuing to work on the first biome update that is set to introduce the Mistlands.


“Seeing Valheim grow from a one-man project to a cross-platform game enjoyed by millions of players makes us smile in disbelief.” said Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate. “We were hoping the game would capture people’s imagination and forge memories that would last a lifetime, but it still feels a bit unreal seeing it expand into what it is now”.

“Valheim was always meant to be a realm that you’d explore with friends.” says Albert Säfström, VP of Publishing at Coffee Stain. “We admire Microsoft’s efforts to connect players across the world with such an extensive library of games available all in one place – bringing the game to PC Game Pass and Microsoft Store is an important step for us as we move towards Valheim launching on Xbox consoles next year”.

Valheim is available on Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass and on Steam Early Access for PC and Linux.

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