Gotham Knights | How to fast travel

by on October 20, 2022

Gotham Knights takes place in a relatively big city that will require you to get around pretty quickly. Of course, you can use your Batcycle to speed through the streets of Gotham, or use your zipline and Knighthood abilities to traverse the rooftops, but fast travel in Gotham Knights is a great way to quickly skip to an area. It won’t take long to do so, but knowing how isn’t explained in the best way, so with that in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide to tell you how.

Gotham Knights | How to fast travel: Finding Lucius

After the first few missions, you’ll unlock Lucius Fox as a contact. Once he appears on your map, go and visit him. He’ll give you a mission where various drones populate every section of the map. In order to unlock fast travel in a particular area, you’ll need to scan the drones flying around.

Gotham Knights Fast Travel Drone

Scan the drones

In order to scan a drone, hold down on the D-pad until it turns white. Some drones might be protected by a shield, so in order to scan them, you’ll need to wait until they dock. Their docking stations can be found by scanning an area, and as soon as they land, you’ll need to scan them quickly before they take flight again. Once every drone in an area has been scanned, it’ll now be unlocked for fast travel. Much like returning to the Belfry, areas will feature a green icon. Once clicked on, just select the option to travel there and you’ll arrive on your fancy glider.