Podcast 500: FIFA 23, The Spirit and the Mouse, Your Questions

by on October 3, 2022

Who would ever have thought we’d make it to 500 episodes of a podcast. Well, me. Because I’ve been on most of them, and also because technically we’re nearer 600 that 500, but we haven’t numbered a lot of the episodes due to them being “game of the year”, or “extra” or “bonus” episodes, or even spoilercasts. Regardless, it’s episode 500. The 500th birthday of the best podcast of all time. That’s right, each episode is a birthday for a podcast. Did you know that? You do now.

Anyway, aside that, it’s also someone else’s birthday, which means a special birthday-boy special surprise and choice must be made. FIFA 23 is out now, which we’ve played, and so is The Spirit and the Mouse, but mostly we decided to do some naval gazing this episode and answer questions and talk about ourselves. Who would have guessed.

In all seriousness, I love that I get to chat to my friends each week about games and it’s considered work. Thanks to anyone who’s ever appeared on an episode, under whatever guise that episode took; thanks to everyone who’s hosted, or been on the show. It’s a big old milestone, in truth, and I’m pretty sure that if I did some research I could claim we’re the longest running / most regular / most episodes of a UK gaming podcast, but that’d require, as I say, research, and I’m a “games journalist”, so I won’t be doing that. Lol. Love you.


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