Trails to Azure is releasing next March

by on October 17, 2022

Fans who are looking to finish up the Crossbell Arc of The Legend of Heroes are in luck, because NIS have announced that Trails to Azure is coming in March of next year. If you’re in the NA region you’ll only have to wait until the 14th, whereas us unlucky EU lot will have to keep ourselves calm for three more days until the 17th. Lloyd and the gang will conclude there adventures in Trails to Azure, and after playing the first game in this arc a couple of months ago I can confirm this isn’t one to skip.

Trails to Azure is another PSP game that never left Japan, which finally series fans will be able to get their hands on next year. As this is a direct sequel to Trails from Zero you should expect more of the same (which definitely isn’t a bad thing) with a few new tweaks. The addition of back attacks and burst attacks will make the combat deeper and more engaging than ever, and I’m also excited to check out the fully customisable car that the gang have been given.

If you didn’t play Trails from Zero when it released recently, this is the time to get stuck in. It’s a fantastic JRPG with an engaging story and lovely setting, and when Trails to Azure releases next year your save file will even carry across to unlock some conversation options. I’m so glad that these Falcom classics will soon be available to everybody, and can’t wait to finish off Lloyd’s story.