No Man’s Sky will be re-running 2022 expeditions over the holiday period

by on November 24, 2022

Hello Games has confirmed it will be giving fans something to do over the holidays with No Man’s Sky, thanks to reduxed 2022 expeditions. The events will be starting today (November 24) and running right up until mid January (Jan 18th), offering four expeditions to have a go at.

Here’s the full dates for the expedition reduxes:

  • Expedition 5 (Exobiology): 24th Nov – 8th Dec
  • Expedition 6 (Blighted): 8th Dec – 22nd Dec
  • Expedition 7 (Leviathan): 22nd Dec – 5th Jan
  • Expedition 8 (Polestar): 5th Jan – 18th Jan

For a better explanation as to what this all means, it’s worth checking out the Leviathan expedition trailer, below:


As explained by Hello Games, then: “Each expedition has a different theme and focuses on a particular element of No Man’s Sky while trying to encourage players to experience other areas of the game which they may have missed or forgotten about. It also gives us a chance to be playful with the No Man’s Sky gameplay formula and offer up some valuable in-game items. The commonality between expeditions is that they bring all participating Travellers together in time and space”.

It’s been a huge year for Hello Games’ title, with the Switch version taking everyone by surprise. In our review, I said “Of course it doesn’t sing quite as beautifully as the most high-powered console versions, but really, when you can planet hop in a decked out space ship while having a number two, who cares? Absolute wizardry, this game just keeps getting better and better”, and awarded it a 9/10 score. It really is one of the best Switch ports of 2022, that’s for sure, and of course these re-reruns mean that Switch players get to try them out for the first time.

Hello Games isn’t done with No Man’s Sky, either, as support is coming for PSVR2 at some point in 2023, and it’s even getting MacOS support and “other surprises”, the developer tells us.