Cult of the Lamb developer offers sneak peek at first major update

by on January 3, 2023

In amongst the holiday 2022 melee, Cult of the Lamb developer Massive Monster has offered a look at what’s to come from the first major content update. While the team hasn’t given a specific time frame for when it’ll be announced, the update for Cult of the Lamb will be free, so that’s good to know to start with.

First up, there will be bug fixes and improvements, but it seems the dev wants to add more depth to Cult of the Lamb, so based on feedback, the update is going to focus on the combat and dungeon content, starting with new moves like a “Heavy Attack”. Each weapon will have its own heavy attack and is activated by holding the attack button down. It’s apparently going to be good for crowd control.

Each weapon type has its own Heavy Attack. This Axe boomerang throw provides a ranged option. Charge the Axe throw to launch it in a straight line before it flies back to your new position, slicing enemies both ways.

The Dagger’s Heavy Attack spawns pain from the sky. Multiple Daggers will drop in a line and each of them will knock enemies farther away.

Massive Monster says this is just a sneak peak at the first major update, but there are more features coming that will add “depth, difficulty, accessibility and quality of life”. The team says it’s been looking at the feedback and will be “addressing the most requested improvements in this free Major Content Update”.

The developer says that there’s “another round of fixes scheduled for the very start of the New Year but after that, we will be working on this Major Content Update. It’s A LOT so it will take more time in the cooking pot”. And it also added that there’s going to be a reason to refight bosses in the game coming as well.

Cult of the Lamb is out now for PC and consoles.