Cult of the Lamb “Sins of the Flesh” revealed, coming next year

by on November 24, 2023

Developer Massive Monster has announced another free content up for Cult of the Lamb, and it’s coming “very early next year”.

Called “Sins of the Flesh”, we don’t know an awful lot about the next Cult of the Lamb DLC, but the team did say the following: “We have been working extremely hard on this update, and there is so much more content coming to the game! We’d like to give a special shout out for all the players who have shown Cult of the Lamb so much support and love so far – thank you”.

Massive Monster also confirmed it would be “like, very early”, and added “this update is packed with new features, stories, and more”, suggesting that despite it being free, it would be fairly substantial. The developer will be teasing and offering “more spoilers” over the next couple of weeks for the update.


While announcing the Sins of the Flesh update, the team also took the opportunity to remind people the main game is 40% off via the Steam Autumn Sale right now, saying it’s “one of the biggest sales we have done, and it’s the perfect thing to gift a friend this wintery season”. In the UK, it’s on sale at £11.69 on Steam right now, and the DLC is also discounted at between 20 and 25% off, too.

Lyle adored the game when he reviewed it, scoring it a massive 9.5/10, and saying: “Cult of the Lamb combines elements of many fantastic and engaging genres, games and franchises to create a compelling experience unlike anything else. The gameplay loop of upgrading your community then switching it up to traipse through a dangerous jungle is sublime, and the way the village provides upgrades for the dungeon crawling and vice versa is just magical. I can’t remember the last time a game held my attention quite so tightly as Cult of the Lamb, so get yourself indoctrinated and give up all your worldly possessions today”.

It’s also out now on Switch, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.