Dead Space | How to get your deluxe edition suits

by on January 26, 2023

If you bought the digital deluxe edition of Dead Space, you’ll want your bonus suits. The remake of 2008’s Dead Space feels like it’s been coming forever, but it’s now here, and those that shelled out on the digital deluxe edition on PS5 or Xbox Series S|X will get some fancy bonus Dead Space Suits. That said, you can’t access them right away, so our handy guide shows you how to get them, and put them on.

The five suits are as follows:

  • Infested (unique suit)
  • Lone Survivor (unique suit)
  • Venture (unique suit)
  • Sanctified (texture)
  • Bloody (texture)

When and how do I access my Dead Space suits?

Dead Space How to get your deluxe edition suits

Around an hour or so into the game you’ll find your first shop in the game. And before you can access anything, the game will tell you about the five suits and how they’re in your inventory. To equip them, access the store and hit R1 twice to go to your storage, whereby all five suits will be there to allow you to pick them.

What do the suits actually do?

This is the part where, if we were talking to you in person, we’d take a sharp intake of breath. You see, the suits don’t do anything. They don’t give you a larger inventory as Isaac, instead you’ll still have to purchase that first upgrade to get more suit space for 10,000 credits. No, what they do is make you look nice, or different. In the case of the Infested suit, you’re going to be playing almost looking like a necromorph for most of the game.

Any other bonuses I can get?

If you pre-ordered the game on Steam, you’ll get a copy of Dead Space 2 for free, when the remake of the first game launches on January 27th. That’s about it. Now go and enjoy the fact this remake even exists, hurrah!