How long to beat Dead Space (2023)

by on January 26, 2023

Dead Space (2023) is an intense and thrilling game that manages to capture the very essence of the original while bringing in plenty of new features and expanding on ideas that have been fully realised for the current generation of platforms. The enemies are terrifying and the story takes various twists and turns, all coming together to provide a fantastic survival horror. With such, it may be interesting to know just how long it takes to beat Motive’s remake.

Dead Space 2023: how long to beat

While Dead Space is an impressive remake, there aren’t tons of ways to greatly expand on how long it’ll take to beat the main game. There’s little room for freedom, but different areas of the USG Ishimura can be explored, and new rooms will be unlocked when you obtain the correct security clearance. There’re side quests to be completed, but these are often done alongside the story. If you were to play through on the normal difficulty and complete a few of the side missions, you’re looking at around 11 hours to do so. If you were to finish all side missions and explore everywhere, you’re probably looking at closer to 14 hours.

What are the factors that determine how long it takes me?

As mentioned, side missions will take up the majority of your extra time. This will see you venturing between different areas, exploring every single room, and fighting off enemies that wouldn’t have been present had you stayed on the path of the main questline. There’s also a stat tree for every weapon, and new suits can be purchased, so grinding for these to be fully upgraded might be possible in a single playthrough. Dead Space 2023 hasn’t been designed for freedom, but rather a anxious and claustrophobic experience. There is a New Game+ mode that’ll unlock after completion of the story, and with it comes new enemy types to take out and other features that won’t be spoiled for you here.