Dead Space launch trailer released

by on January 12, 2023

Motive Studio and EA has released a launch trailer for Dead Space, which showcases Isaac Clarke’s adventure on board the USG Ishimura. To coincide with the trailer’s release, Motive has published its fifth instalment of their ‘Inside Dead Space’ blog series, which discusses the balancing act of “staying true to the original heart of the story and adding their own twists where they can.”

In the post, Motive talk about the story in plenty of detail, including how they already had an incredible story that was already recognisable by many. Fortunately, in remaking Dead Space, the team at Motive™ had the benefit of working from a story that was already pretty great, one based in recognizable and near-universal themes. “You’re descending into Hell to save your beloved,” says Senior Game Writer Jo Berry. “That’s one of the oldest stories there is. But the Dead Space interpretation of that is also very relevant, because it talks about corporate corruption, about spirituality going awry, about division versus reconnection….”

Back in October last year, Motive revealed plenty of interesting details, and the remake will be a blend of old and new ideas coming together to celebrate one of the best survival horrors ever released. In our coverage, we said, ” Dead Space sounds like so much more than just another remake, with new immersion features like a lack of load screens, the peeling system, new voice acting, new areas, new story beats, new UI map controls and an improved locator, and more, Motive has gone all out in crafting a faithful remake, filled to the brim with new features and effects. All I can say is, roll on January when the world gets to experience one of the greatest horror game of all time in a brand new and exciting way.”

Dead Space releases on January 27 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

You can watch the Dead Space launch trailer below: