PUBG updated to include Bears on Vikendi, while Deston also returns

by on February 17, 2023

Krafton has announced that as part of PUBG: Battlegrounds being updated to version 22.1 on PC, bears have been added to the Vikendi map (in order to protect loot drops), while Deston is also back.

Here’s the details of the major updates for Season of Vikendi. Yes, including the bears. We’ve also dropped the full patch report video below, as well.

  • Bears – Bears have moved onto Vikendi’s icy battlegrounds but they’re sheltering from the blizzard and hibernating for winter. Players can invade their caves for valuable loot, but we all know what happens when you poke a sleeping bear.
  • Moonlight – Vikendi’s winter wonderland is completed with moonlight mode, which turns the map into an atmospheric snowscape with an aurora borealis overhead and serene vibes. Take in the beautiful sights but keep your ears open; there are still enemies around.
  • Thermal Scope – Perfect for spotting targets in Vikendi’s darkened nightscape and whiteout blizzards is the thermal scope. This 4x magnification scope highlights enemies, making them easier to spot.


Deston is returning to Random Map regions this update! For every rotation, we try our best to base each of our decisions on map popularity rates, dodge rates, surveys, etc., but we’ve been receiving feedback that the extraction of certain maps from the random map pool was upsetting several players who enjoyed playing maps that were excluded from a rotation. Therefore, we’ve decided to implement your feedback by placing Deston back to the random map pool and taking Taego out for a bit.

Also, we can’t say much now, but we are planning a change to the map rotation system based on all your feedback sometime this year. With this update, every player from every region will be able to meet various maps at a faster pace. Until then, enjoy the return of Deston and Karakin this update!

The bears can be killed, but will attack you if you get within a certain range. There are warning signs across the VIkendi map (the only bear-based map in PUBG), and no stats regarding bears will appear in your profile overview. Bears will appear in normal and custom matches on Vikendi.

There will be maintenance as well, at the following times:


  • PST: February 14, 4:30 PM – February 15, 12:30 AM
  • CET: February 15, 1:30 AM – 9:30 AM
  • KST: February 15, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM


  • PST: February 22, 8 PM – February 23, 4 AM
  • CET: February 23, 5 AM – 1 PM
  • KST: February 23, 1 PM – 9 PM

Grab the full PUBG patch notes on the official blog.