C-Smash VRS brings sci-fi tennis to PSVR2 on June 23rd

by on April 21, 2023

When I think of games I’d want to play in VR, I think of arcade experiences with futuristic visuals. C-Smash VRS ticks pretty much all these boxes, and is bringing sci-fi tennis to PSVR2 in June. A reimagining of the Dreamcast game Cosmic Smash wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card, but I’ll happily take it.

“Imagine playing the ultimate larger-than-life sport that makes you feel both stimulated and relaxed, that you can play alone or with a friend, all while enjoying stunning visuals and the pulsating beats of dynamic, entrancing music.

A full-body transportive experience at the end of space and time – what VR was always meant to be.

New game studio and publisher RapidEyeMovers and VR pioneers Wolf & Wood are excited to announce the upcoming launch of C-Smash VRS, a complete reimagining of SEGA’s iconic Dreamcast and arcade classic for PlayStation®VR2 and online gameplay.

Combining a low-gravity form of Squash with timed block-breaking challenges, C-Smash VRS brings together the very best of racket sports and timeless action puzzle gameplay. Dashing and ducking from one side to the other and performing intense shots and trick smashes, players can use all walls as they journey through dozens of levels of fun and fitness.

Players can either play alone or forge a cosmic connection with a friend, exploring a variety of online versus and co-op modes.

Ultra-smooth gameplay, mind-bending trick shots and slow-mo’s soon feel like second nature. Thanks to intuitive controls, finger detection, 3D audio and haptics, players will learn the basics and feel fully immersed within mere minutes.”