Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 8

by on April 11, 2023

Chapter 8 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, The Awakening, is set in Scotland, at the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse, and it may be a chapter you need a walkthrough for. In this chapter, we will finally get to bottom of the case and stop the cult from carrying out its horrific plan. As with any chapter in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, Chapter 8 can be difficult to figure out, but here at God is a Geek, we’ve got an entire walkthrough for the game to help you through all the puzzles.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 8

Assess your surroundings

As you begin the Chapter, you’ll be in the wind and rain of the Scottish Highlands. Head forwards and up the steps and you’ll see the Lighthouse ahead of you to the left. You’ll see people are already sacrificing themselves and you will get The Lighthouse Ritual evidence. You can approach it to see that the front doors or windows do not provide access, which will update your The Lighthouse Ritual evidence. You can also Concentrate on the ornate animals out front to see that they have been smashed.

Turn to your right and follow a path away from the Lighthouse. This will lead down some steps and around a windy path on the cliffs. Before long you will enter a small cave and see a cannon to the left. You can Investigate the wall to its right to get the An Odd Cave Wall evidence and have it updated as you learn more. Clearly, you need some sort of key.

Turn around and head out of the cave by the right exit. There is clothing on the floor you can investigate. Head down the path to find a dead man to your right. It turns out this is Ashmat, giving you the Ashmat’s Body evidence. Completing the Investigation of his body will update this evidence further.

If you enter Concentration mode, you will spot blood trails from Ashmat’s body that head further down the path. You’ll find a Concentration icon that will reveal where he gouged his own eyes out. Across the path from here is another area to Investigate, which will further update Ashmat’s Body evidence. Pin this evidence and then three Concentration points (a bush, a heavy stone and patch of grass near a rock) will reveal themselves, the latter of which is holding the Occult Medallion item for you to pick up.

Investigate the Alcove

With the Occult Medallion in hand, head back to the Odd Cave Wall, and use it. This will update the An Odd Cave Wall evidence and allow you to enter. Ahead of you in the cave are two doorways. Head into the right one to get the Underground Caves evidence and to update your The Lighthouse Ritual evidence. Head straight ahead, past the torches on your left, and you’ll come to a small sacrificial altar. Investigate the bowl on the left to discern that you need fresh blood. This will update the Underground Caves evidence. Head back outside to Ashmat’s body and interact with it to get the Ashmat’s Blood item. Head back inside and interact with the bowl to use Ashmat’s Blood. The lever, however, won’t stay down. Sherlock asks Watson to come and hold the lever. Holding the lever down raised the cage in the opposite room, so head around and into it. You will find a small lever around the back of the plinth to pull, and an exchange of dialogue will occur.

Now you’re in control of Watson, trying to find a way out. Head forward and interact with the new column with a wheel on it. Then, as Holmes, turn around and use Concentration on one of the four pillars around the edge of the room, to update the Underground Caves evidence. They’re holes designed for arms, so we need to find an alternative. Fortunately, there are exactly 8 arm bones scattered across the floor of the cavern. We need to pick them all up, and then stick two in each of the four columns. This will reveal a chest in the central plinth. Look inside to pick up Obsidian Dagger and Ancient Coins.

Head back over to where Watson is standing and deposit the Ancient Coins in the bowl. Then you will automatically control Watson. Pick up the Ancient Coins and head on over to the slab table with the Obsidian Heart on it. At the other end of the table, place the Ancient Coins. Now head back to the original lever Watson had to hold and interact with it. This will open doors in both rooms allowing both of you to escape.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 8 – Finding Sherlock

As Watson, you will automatically move into a dimly lit set of caves. Sherlock is nowhere to be seen. The Underground Caves evidence will update. Move forward and you will hear Sherlock’s voice, and some soundwaves in front of you. This forms the premise of this next section. It is a maze of tunnels that can be difficult to navigate. You can use the prompt on the screen to call Sherlock at any time. He will then reply back to you.

As well as hearing the reply you should also see the soundwaves too, coming from the corridor or direction that Sherlock went in. As such the best plan of action is to call Sherlock, see which cave the sound is coming from, and then follow that tunnel, until you reach another part of the maze where you have multiple directions to choose from, and then simply call him again.

There are quite a few twists and turns, but this method works quite successfully. Eventually, you will exit the tunnels and a cutscene will play. It shows Sherlock is slowly losing his mind, and needs Watson to help him snap out of it.

Discovering the Lenses

Once you gain control of Sherlock, the Underground Caves and The Lighthouse Ritual evidence will have updated. You are now in the Lighthouse basement. Exit the room to the left and you will find a prisoner staring at a wall, who doesn’t respond to you. Investigate the desk beyond them for the Lighthouse Keeper Diary – May 3rd evidence and Lighthouse Keys item.

Turn left through the door and you’ll notice a red laser here. You can Investigate it for the Strange Device with Beams evidence. You notice it can rotate but Watson won’t let you touch it until you learn more.  Walk around the left of the central pillar to see a group of slaves gathered around a blue lens. Interact with it for the Entranced People evidence. head to your right and then left through the doorway and down the steps.

Investigate the table in front of you to get the Warning from Ashmat from R. evidence. Your Strange Device with Beams evidence will also update. We can now enter the Mind Palace and solve How to interrupt the hypnosis from the lens? For this select Obsidian Dagger, Warning from Ashmat from R., Strange Device with Beams, and Entranced People. This reveals:

Energise the lens, then strike it with the obsidian dagger.

This yields you the Khaelid Lenses’ Weakness evidence. Now we know what to do, if you head back up the steps, you will now be able to interact with the beam devices. Interact with each one and then rotate the beam so it is facing the lens. Once both have been done it will glow, then you can interact with it to destroy it with your Obsidian Dagger. This will update the Entranced People evidence. As the slaves have now moved out of the way, we can access the door they were blocking.

An old friend

As we head up the stairs and turn left (again!) a small cutscene will play and we finally get to lay eyes on Dirty Sommers. John spots that Dirty has a gun and so pulls out his to shoot. There is now a rather quick QTE where you must shoot Dirty Sommers in the designated head area quickly or the time will run out and he will shoot Sherlock. Finish him and proceed.

Head left again past Sommers’ dead corpse and into the next room. This is actually the ground floor entrance to the Lighthouse, but it has been barricaded up, hence why we had to take the long way around. Head across from where you entered, and through a door. To the left as you enter is a desk with ‘Dirty’ Sommers Diary evidence on it. By the window is a crate to Investigate which adds the Shipping Containers evidence. You can also find the Lighthouse Keeper Diary – April 4th. To the right is another desk with Asmat’s Scribbles evidence on it. You’ll also find the Modified Lighthouse Lantern Blueprint.

We can now open the Mind Palace and solve the game’s final puzzle How to stop the ritual? For this select Obsidian Dagger, Khaelid Lenses’ Weakness, and Modified Lighthouse Lantern Blueprint. This reveals:

Follow the sabotage plan.

This gets you the Sabotage Plan evidence, which details how you will win. Head back out of the room, and head to the main doors on your left.



After this point, you will not be able to return to the Lighthouse area and explore further. Head back if you wish to do anything else. Otherwise, proceed to go through the doors.


Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 8 – The final battle

A cutscene will now play, with Sherlock and Watson discussing the sabotage plan. Once it is over you will be atop the Lighthouse, surrounded by entranced slaves. Move forward, and Sherlock will warn Watson about being seen. He will confront Rochester, and Watson must deal with the lenses. After a brief cutscene with Sherlock and Rochester, you have control of Watson. For each of these next few Watson sections, the key is finding a way to get two beams to shine on a lens, and then return to the lens to destroy it.

For the first lens, head out to your right, and then round to the left to find a beam shining at another beam, disrupting it. Move it away, so that the other beam can shine on a lens. Move clockwise round to the next beam and interact with it to rotate it to the right until it too is shining on the lens. With two beams on it, the lens can be approached and destroyed. A cutscene back with Sherlock and Rochester will play, choose whichever dialogue you wish.

Back as Watson, head forward and to the right. On your left, you should see an interaction point in a group of entranced slaves. Use it to sidle amongst them. After a while, they will all flail, and then you will need to enter the right button prompt to proceed undetected. Do this twice to get to the other side. Ahead of you are some beams and mirrors. Walk past them all, until you see a broken beam device on your right. Keep walking clockwise as far as you can and you should find a beam device that isn’t working – it is missing something. Head back to the broken beam device and remove the Beam Emitter Crystal and place it in the device back at the far end. It should now work and you can rotate it to the right slightly onto the lens nearest it. This lens now has two beams on it. Retrace your steps clockwise and back through the throng of slaves, making sure to nail the QTEs. Then head to the lens and destroy it.

Again we return to Sherlock and Rochester, whose debate grows fiercer. Choose whichever dialogue option you want and return to Watson. Move ahead and through the slaves as before – there will be 3 QTEs each time this time. Approach the mirror in front of you and interact with it, and move it as far left as it will go. Then move the beam behind it slightly to the right so it is facing the lens. Now proceed further around the lighthouse, through another throng of slaves. You’ll reach a solitary beam emitter which you can focus on the lens as well. Work your way all the way back through the throng and destroy the lens.

Another cutscene with Holmes and Rochester, and then onwards with Watson to the final lens. Move forward, and then right through a throng of entranced slaves – be wary of 4 QTEs this time around. Head forward and around the crates to the first beam emitter you can access. Angle it left to bounce off a mirror and into the lens. Then do the same with the other beam and bounce it off the other nearby mirror. You may need to tweak the mirror and beam angle to make it work, but it will. Once both beams are orange, walk to the lens and destroy it. A few cutscenes will play, and with it the end of the Chapter, and the game.

Congratulations you have completed Chapter 8 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.