Evercore Heroes closed beta is coming in June, new trailers released

by on May 9, 2023

Vela Games has announced Evercore Heroes is getting a closed beta from June 20th, while also revealing two new heroes, as well as the founder’s pack which includes extra keys to share with friends, exclusive content, and a battle pass “that never expires”.

“Evercore Heroes is not a MOBA, it’s not an MMO, it’s not a loot grind,” said Vela Games CEO and Co-Founder, Travis George. “We are creating a brand new Competitive PVE experience that combines deep mastery with a focus on cooperative teamplay, in a competitive format. We think fans of both PVE and PVP will enjoy Evercore Heroes, which ultimately belongs to a genre all of its own.”

George added: “Since our successful announcement and Pre-Alpha testing with players last year, our passionate team at Vela has been working hard to make Evercore Heroes the best game it can be. We are so excited for more people to play the game for themselves, to give us feedback, and continue helping us make the game even better ahead of launch”.

Here’s a look at the gameplay walkthrough, below, with the official word on the title:


Each Evercore Heroes match is a pulsating competitive PVE session between four teams of four mighty heroes, all aiming to defend the beautiful but dangerous world of Lumerea by protecting the Evercore and ultimately proving they are the world’s best team of heroes.

To win, players must power up their heroes, charge their Evercore, survive onslaughts of dangerous beasts, and triumph in the final head-to-head challenge. Players will have to work together to outplay other teams in critical moments during the match. Ultimately, the best teams will find the right composition and strategy, balancing tradeoffs between building their own power and making the battle more difficult for their rival teams.

The closed beta will include three unique stages, each with its own set of items, enemies, and a unique head to head encounter. In addition the closed beta will feature sixteen heroes, including eight new additions to the roster, expanding the unique world and gameplay.

They include heroes such as Grayce, a deadly dancer who moves with beauty and precision; Skye, a young but fearless weather mage from the high tech region of Bios; and Sydian, a corrupted Faede who channels chaotic Luum through his own body. Kaine, Maxx, Oria, Riiva, and Syrus also join the roster.

A competitive PvE game coming to PC, Evercore Heroes was previously announced as “Project V”, with the exciting prospect/tagline, that it would bring “League of Legends and WoW together”, and given Vela Games is made up of former Riot developers, this one should be worth a look.

Back in June 2021, the developer/publisher secured a major investment of $17.3M (€14.1M) to help build the team and make the game. The investment was led by Novator with additional investment from Ubisoft and LVP (London Venture Partners). Six months ago we got a glimpse of the game, thanks to the cinematic trailer, too, which looked fantastic.

Lastly then, we’ve got a gameplay trailer, below: