First trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 revealed

by on May 25, 2023

During last night’s PlayStation Showcase, Capcom revealed the first trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2, showcasing what to expect from the sequel. Launching in 2012, the original received high praise from gamers and fantasy fans alike, featuring excellent combat and rich action-RPG elements.

Although no release date was revealed, the trailer looks fantastic, and Ken Mendoza, Promotion Producer at Capcom revealed some interesting bits of information on the official PlayStation blog. Touching on the original, Mendoza said, “Dragon’s Dogma 2 follows in its footsteps elevating these elements further to create a truly immersive fantasy world for your adventures ahead.”

The story begins in an underground gaol

where the Dragon’s voice echoes in the fog of lost memories.

Ascend, Arisen, and best me,

in accordance with the dogma of this world.

Betwixt the domains of human and beastren,

A hero must fulfill their forgotten destiny.

What dogma does your heart see through your eyes?

‘Tis a tale of one who shall slay the Dragon and claim the throne.

Symbol of the world’s destruction, soars through the sky with its massive wings and breathes flames that scorch everything in its path.

Some are terrified by its descent, while others revere it as a god.

In Dragon Dogma 2, players will play as the Arisen whose heart has been taken by a dragon. The Pawns, essentially other characters within your party, will be picked by the player and “make gameplay feel like you’re accompanied by others.” It’ll feature the latest in graphics and artificial intelligence, along with physics technology. In terms of new races and monsters, there’ll be plenty of new ones to encounter, including the beastren, a beast-like race.

We don’t have a ton of details to go on for now, but the Dragon’s Dogma 2 trailer should be enough to keep fans going for now. You can watch it in all its glory below: