Park Beyond partnering with mod.io to help with user generated content

by on May 23, 2023

Bandai Namco and Limbic Entertainment has announced that Park Beyond, its upcoming theme-park management/creation game, will be teaming up with cross-platform, user-generated content solution mod.io to offer a sharing platform for players of the game, with the integration launching in August, 2023.

This is part of the DLC roadmap for Park Beyond, which will add a new challenge mode, new biomes and maps, new decoration items, new flat rides, and a lot more, it seems. The mod.io integration will mean Park Beyond players can share and download creations in the game itself, or via impossify.com.


“Historically, games like Park Beyond have nurtured remarkable creator communities. In collaboration with Bandai Namco Europe and Limbic Entertainment, our goal is to expand the reach of user-generated content to a broader audience, encompassing both PC and console players. We are thrilled to join with Bandai Namco and Limbic Entertainment, as well as their creator community, in our pursuit of making UGC support universally accessible for their players”, said Scott Reismanis, CEO and Co-founder of mod.io.

“Park Beyond’s purpose is to allow players to make their childhood dreams a reality. At Limbic Entertainment we think that dreams are meant to be shared. Our goal is to allow as many people as possible to offer the world their most beautiful memories, it was clear that we wanted a cross-platform UGC solution. Thus, working with mod.io, which has a proven track record on several well-known games, was an obvious choice. We can’t wait to see what our community will create in Park Beyond and share with mod.io”, said Lionel Lovisa, General Studio Manager at Limbic Entertainment.

Mick has been playing the game a bit for preview, and likes it. He said it’s “is a great time, offering a decent level of challenge alongside a relatively stress-free management experience. There’s still a little way to go before the launch in June this year, but I’m confident it will go from strength to strength after release”.

Park Beyond will be available to on Steam and consoles on June 15, 2023.