Star Wars Jedi: Survivor latest patch notes revealed, releases today for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

by on May 9, 2023

EA has today released a new patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, with a PC version coming later this week. The patch is expected to fix various issues involving save state errors, an improvement to text scrolling, and more.

  • (PC only) Updated occlusion behaviour for raytracing, reducing idle time stalls.
  • (PC only) Updated streaming budgets that will help alleviate traversal hitching.
  • (PC only) Performance improvements for some VFX.
    • Coming soon to console
  • (PC only) Updated data handling when toggling raytracing, improving non-raytraced performance.
  • (PS5 only) Fixed an HDR value mismatch that would cause HDR setups to display incorrectly for PS5 users.
  • Fixed various save state errors.
  • Fixed a streaming issue that causes some streaming scenarios to end on a black screen.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the vents did not properly activate in Stone Spires.
  • Audio fix for a narrative moment where music was behaving incorrectly.
  • Fixed lightsaber marks not displaying correctly in some scenarios.
  • Fixed a scenario where the player could enter a progression blocked state in the Lucrehulk.
  • Fixed an elevator to prevent the player from falling through it and entering a progression blocked state.
  • Fixed a bug where Rayvis would become unbeatable.
  • Fixed a severe animation issue that would break a late game narrative sequence.
  • Fixed a collision bug where players can get stuck inside a Meditation Chamber.
  • Added a note explaining that some of BD-1’s abilities are not available while in combat.
  • Improved text scrolling.
  • Minor text translation fixes.
  • Various crash fixes.

Along with all improvements featured in the latest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch, Respawn are working on further issues for PC to be included in future patches, which are:

  • Improving performance on newer i7 and i9 CPUs that have efficiency cores.
  • General performance improvements to improve both CPU and GPU utilization while reducing idle time, both with and without raytracing.
  • Improving some hitching which can be attributed to streaming raytracing data, assets, and a gap in our prebuilt shaders.
  • Various bug fixes (on console as well).
  • And more!