Final Fantasy 16 potion upgrade guide | How to make stronger potions

by on June 22, 2023

Given that it’s not immediately obvious, you needn’t feel ashamed for coming to our Final Fantasy 16 potion upgrade guide in order to make your potions more potent. There are two stages to upgrading your potions in the game, and while one is pretty easy, it’s yet again (similar to other side-quests) a hunt that can be the problem.

You see, when it comes to the Final Fantasy 16 potion upgrade guide, you can breeze through the first quest “The Root of the Problem”, by simply following the quest marker, but part two, and maximising your potency can be a bit trickier. So let’s get on with the guide, and make sure you check out how to make it so you can hold more vials in our other potions guide.

Final Fantasy 16 potion upgrade guide: where to start

There is a separate quest that will let you enhance your potion fortification called “The Root of the Problem”. This will task you with doing a hunt to fully upgrade it, but first, you’ll need to location the “+” symbol from Nigel. He’s a botanist and will ask you for morganbeard. The first part of this quest is easy: follow the marker on the map and grab the flowers he wants, defeating any enemies who might be in the way. Go back to Nigel, and you now have enhanced potions!

Please Sir, Can I have some Morbol?

The final quest relating to potions is to maximise your potency, and is part two of Nigel’s quest. You will need to hunt a special Morbol located in the Three Reeds. This hunt is “B” level hunt, but you should be able to take it down pretty easily.

Please Sir, Can I have some Morbol?

Once again, there’s a fast travel location quite close by: Three Reeds. But again, from the description, you might only have an idea of where to go, so here’s the image of the actual location you’ll need to travel to.

Please Sir, Can I have some Morbol?

Hug the right side of the map and you’ll find a large clearing that is very obviously a location for a Morbol. It’s called the “Whispering Waters”. If you’re still struggling, you can see the entrance to the clearing, below:

Please Sir, Can I have some Morbol?

Defeat the Morbol and return to Nigel and claim your maximised potion upgrade! Well done.