Final Fantasy 16 potions guide | How to hold more items

by on June 22, 2023

When you start the game, you’ll wonder why Final Fantasy 16 potions are in such limited supply. You can hold a limited amount of potions and high-potions, but you can also equip buffs to your attack and defence, but again, in limited form. Luckily, there is a side quest related to Final Fantasy 16 potions that enables you to not only upgrade how many vials you can carry once, but twice, maximising your carry opportunities to 8 potions, 5 high potions, and four tonics (excluding the Lionheart one, which can only get to 2).

Now, it’s important to note you will have to be a reasonable amount into the main story to even start the first quest, so we will warn you now that to read our guide on upgrading your Final Fantasy 16 potions, there may be spoilers ahead. In a vague way, we’ll just say you need to be past the “time skip”.

Final Fantasy 16 potions: how far in the story do I need to be?

So here’s where it gets slightly spoilery. You’ll need to be past the time skip, and you’ll need to have gotten to the point where Mid joins your hideout. She will set you a main story quest with three parts called “Letting Off Steam”. After this she will have set up shop in the basement of your hideout, and Owain, someone who hangs around Mid’s dungeon will offer you a quest.

What is the quest name?

What is the quest name?

Owain will offer you a side quest with a “+” icon on the map, and it’s called “Weird Science”. It involves bounty hunting, as he needs the ash from the “Bomb King”. So you need to head to the bounty board and ask the moogle about the bomb king. The board will give you a heavy hint towards it’s location. If that isn’t helpful enough, you’ll need to head to the far right option on the map, “The Dragon’s Aery”.

Where is the bomb king?

Where is the bomb king?

Once travelled to The Dragon’s Aery, you’ll know from the hint that you need to find “The Crook”, which is almost certainly a place you haven’t been yet. Head due south from the Aery until you can enter a narrow wooded forest that has an open gate leading into it. As you progress down here, eventually you will find a small path to your left, leading to the opening that is “The Crook” where you have to fight the bomb king, and grab his ash. Simply return to Owain, and turn in the quest, and you’ll get your first upgrade.

Even Weirder Science

But that’s not all, to get the full upgrade you’ll need to revisit Owain once his quest marker returns. Now he’ll set you off to get spherical echoes for another new invention. This one is far easier, and less cryptic: simply follow the quest marker on the map to the location, defeat the enemies, and return for your massive upgrade. Hurrah!

Once you’ve done this, make sure you also upgrade the potency of your potions with this handy guide.