Free expansion for Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game has been revealed

by on June 1, 2023

At the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Fast Travel Games and co-developer Windswept revealed the first expansion for Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game. The expansion, which is also free to all players, will include two new ships, a relaxed mode, and an autosave feature, which is now available for Meta Quest 2.

Set in Paradox Interactive’s hit galactic universe, the expansion includes the following content:

● PANDORA: Aggressive but nimble, the Pandora is powered by Meteorite Thrusters, giving it the unique ability to ram other ships to deal heavy damage. The Pandora is equipped with a Surge Laser, Parasite Blaster, and Swarm Missile, enabling it to deal double damage in close combat, recharge its shield after a successful hit, or attack multiple targets simultaneously.

● IRIS: Built for strategy, the Iris can use special Blink Thrusters to teleport between waypoints, dropping explosives that detonate when an enemy comes within proximity. The Iris is equipped with a Sniper Blaster, Link Laser, and Odin Missile, letting players pick enemies off from afar, quickly manage crowd control, or deal massive damage in one hit.

● RELAXED MODE: In this mode, ship damage is reduced, ammunition is increased, the currency threshold is raised, and shops will offer more items. All options can be individually adjusted with multiple levels, allowing players to tune the game’s difficulty.

● AUTOSAVE: Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game now autosaves at the start of each sector. Players can pick up where they left off with the Continue Game option, or start a new journey by choosing the Abandon Game option. Autosave is automatically enabled for all players.

“Our goal with this update is to give players more gameplay options and flexibility, rather they prefer a fast-paced race to the finish or time to thoroughly explore everything,” said Christopher Smith, Lead Game Designer at Fast Travel Games. “Outer space can be terrifying, but your experiences in Ghost Signal don’t have to be. Test out the Pandora and Iris, and give the relaxed mode a go to see what works best for you.”

You can watch the announcement trailer for the Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game ‘Fleet Expansion’ below: