Star Wars Jedi: Survivor just got a load of bug fixes

by on June 20, 2023

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor released in April to some pretty high acclaim. Continuing the story of Cal Kestis that began in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Survivor tightened up many of its predecessor’s issues to deliver a compelling, engaging adventure. Some of the most common complaints, however, focused on the game’s stability, which wasn’t always great and varied from platform to platform.

Well, today developer Respawn have released a new patch that fixes a host of technical bugs and issues in the game. Below is a list of problems addressed in Patch 6, which should make the game much more stable across the board.

  • Fix for bounty hunters not spawning
  • Fix for an issue where Caij would become invisible
  • Fix for occasional issue where “Find the Gorge’s Secret” Rumor could not be completed
  • Collision improvements
  • Improved blaster handling
  • Fixes for Photo Mode
  • Wind puzzle on Jedha fixed
  • Updates to the holomap data
  • The training dummy on Jedha was “sneaking around”. It has now been immobilized
  • Various bug fixes & Improvements
  • Various crash fixes across all platforms

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor just got a load of bug fixes

The team at Respawn have also confirmed that they will continue to work on the technical side of the game going forward, so expect to see more patches down the line. If you haven’t played Survivor, you can read our review here, in which we said:

“Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is going to make a lot of fans happy, whether you’re unfamiliar with the wider universe or not. Combat and traversal is sublime, and despite certain boss fights being as tough as Beskar nails, the satisfaction of taking down a legendary enemy feels euphoric. There’s so much to do and see, with a story that grips you until the very end, never taking its foot off the gas and giving you all the thrills and excitement seen in some of the most highly regarded stories fans already know and love.”

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S and X.