Street Fighter 6 | How to find Dhalsim in World Tour

by on June 2, 2023

Within Street Fighter 6 the World Tour mode is a quiet star of the show. Offering a huge, varied, and fun story to experience, taking on the movesets and foibles of your mentors, shaping a brand new avatar you can even take online to fight opponents. However, some of the mentors you can study under are optional, namely Manon and Dhalsim.

Both of these characters require side-quests to be completed to even meet them, let alone have them as your mentor. We’ve gone to the trouble of doing all this so you can find Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim in your World Tour mode, because who doesn’t want to meet the master of the Yoga Flame? Follow our Street Fighter 6 World Tour Dhalsim guide, and you’ll soon be learning from the master.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour: How to start the quest?

As you’d expect, Dhalsim is located in his temple in India, but you can’t access that part of the world map yet. We’d recommend playing the story mode naturally, and eventually you will unlock a side quest called “The Yoga Statue”, which is located at the very south part of Metro City, called Bayside Park. This happened for us after hitting Chapter 11 of the World Tour mode. Once you do unlock it, head to the side quest and chat to the man there.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Dhalsim - part 1

He will ask you for 7000 Zenny to buy a statue, which you’ll have to do. He’ll pretty much disappear directly afterwards, leaving you with no clue but to carry on your business. That’s step one of the quest done, and in the meantime, we’d suggest getting yourself to around level 30 at the lowest.

How do I complete the quest?

Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim World Tour - part 2

Once you’ve gotten to a decent level (we recommend 30), go back to the exact same spot only¬†at night and you’ll find Anik (the guy who sold you the statue), who will admit he’s a con-artist, and you’ll fight him. He’s level 30 and fairly tanky, and he also uses Dhalsim’s moveset, which you won’t have encountered before now.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Dhalsim - part 3

Beating him will reveal he’s a previous student who’s now ashamed of himself. He’ll give you some rubbish about being sorry, and then you will be able to select “Dhalsimer Temple, India” from the world map, and travel to meet the man himself.

How do I get Dhalsim as a mentor?

Unlike some of the mentors in Street Fighter 6, Dhalsim will just talk to you and immediately take you on as a student. After a very funny cut-scene, he will enroll you and give you Yoga Fire, Yoga Teleport forward, and backward, and the air versions of both. You can even buy a permanent stat boost from the merchant to the left, and fight the fellow student on the right to gain around four levels of loyalty to get a super move right away.

Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim World Tour - part 4

And that’s it, you can now use Dhalsim’s play style and special moves. Enjoy! If you’re still struggling, here’s a video that shows how to unlock Dhalsim as we did it.