Street Fighter 6 | How to use a fightstick and controller at the same time

by on June 2, 2023

With Street Fighter 6 being released, one of the things that might confused people is the Battle Hub. For example, in the Battle Hub you can walk around in a 3D world and interact with things, like in World Tour, but also sit down for 1v1 fights against other real people. To that end, those who prefer to use a fightstick might be confused in Street Fighter 6. Luckily for those of that are like this, there is a way to play Street Fighter 6 with both a fightstick and controller (wireless) at the same time.

The thing is, the game actually does tell you this, but it’s a “first time” message you get when loading into the battle hub for the first time. This means that you could easily miss how to use a fightstick and controller at the same time in Street Fighter 6 because you’re buttoning through the tutorials to get into the action. So luckily for you, we’re here to explain how to get this all working.

Street Fighter 6: Fightstick and controller – what do I need?

First of all the most important thing is to have your fightstick plugged in, and logged in as “player one”. The idea is that you can move your avatar around the world with the wireless controller, using both sticks; and thus the camera movement is easy. You can use a fightstick for camera controls, but it’s a bit unwieldy, and though it isn’t awful, it’s easier to use both.

Street Fighter 6 | How to use a fightstick and controller at the same time

How to enable both controllers at once

Once you’ve done all of this it’s pretty simple, but at first it’s also quite confusing. First up, load Street Fighter 6 up with whichever fightstick you are using. It’ll be wired, if you’re using PS5/PS4 then hit the “PlayStation” button to tell the console your profile is using the stick.

Street Fighter 6 | How to use a fightstick and controller at the same time

For our playtime, we’re using the NACON Daija and you’ll know it’s active if the light is on under the PlayStation button. After this, hit the PS button or turn on your Xbox controller. Simply assign the wireless controller to a second profile. It can be a dummy one that doesn’t even have PSN/Xbox Live access if you want – in fact, we’d suggest that to avoid any confusion.

On Xbox it’s worth noting you must start the World Tour mode (etc) with the stick, first. Then you can turn the controller on. Again, whichever device you use: always make sure you are “player one”.

Once that’s done, you’re all good. You can go into World Tour or Battle Hub and move around with the wireless controller, then just move to the stick for fights. It’s the perfect way to play!

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