Valheim gets new update featuring Hildir the merchant

by on June 16, 2023

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio have today announced a new update for Valheim, which welcomes a merchant called Hildir. The update will be introduced for an initial testing period, and will see Hildir offer players a load of new cosmetics, as well as sending them on a journey to recover her store’s inventory. There will also be changes to difficulty levels and game options set to improve the player’s experience.

Sister of the mysterious cloaked dwarf trader Haldor, Hildir peddles a variety of aesthetic wares, including fashionable dresses, tunics, hats, and even fireworks to decorate the night sky. Vikings can also purchase from Hildir the components necessary to build a barbershop, where they can undergo a makeover worthy of Odin to update their look. But these features won’t just appear – only those accomplished enough to gather the necessary parts for Hildir’s Request across multiple biomes will reap the rewards.

Valheim will also be giving players the option to change difficulty options with the new update at any time during their playthrough. Easy, normal, and hard mode will be the various options, each with their own limitations. Normal will keep the difficulty the same, whereas hard mode increases enemy HP and damage output. As for easy mode, it’ll benefit players who might have been previously put off by Valheim’s perils, providing a “lighter, more accommodating” adventure for those who would rather craft and chill out in the wilds.

Since it released back in February 2021, Valheim has seen a ton of improvements and additions, with millions of players over the world enjoying the MMO. It has also received two major content updates, Hearth and Home and Mistlands, as well as launching on Microsoft Store, PC GamePass, Xbox consoles, and Xbox GamePass.