Avatar Generations adds iconic season 1 moment

by on July 11, 2023

The iOS and Android RPG Avatar Generations has added an iconic moment from season 1 of The Last Airbender. The update is based on the episode where Gaang breaks Earth Benders out of a Fire Nation mining prison, called “Imprisoned”.

You can check out the preview trailer for the update here:

As you’d expect, the new characters and gameplay expansion for the title is via a free update on both Apple iOS devices and Android, too, and includes a new campaign and five new playable heroes, all under the moniker of “The Prison Break Update”. It wasn’t that log ago that the game got five more new rebel characters via an update, so the developer Navigator Games is certainly delivering for fans at the moment.

Occupied by the Fire Nation, the Earthbenders of a small mining village are arrested and sent to a metal prison where earthbending is neutralized. When Haru, a friend of Team Avatar, is arrested, Katara, Sokka, and Aang must infiltrate the prison and convince Haru and his father Tyro to lead the Earthbenders to revolt against The Warden.

Beginning today, players can explore the Prison Rig and collect Haru and Prisoner Haru, Prisoner Tyro, leader of the Earthbender Prisoners, Prisoner Katara, and The Warden. A special addition, the spirit General Old Iron from The Rift graphic novel, will also be available to collect in July. Avatar Studios, alongside Nickelodeon, are directly involved in all artwork and animations to bring these canon characters to life in the game.

Avatar Generations is a mobile RPG adventure in which players assemble teams of iconic heroes and villains as they experience the series’ core story, all-new original adventures and never-before-seen gameplay of Avatar Kyoshi. Players strategize in turn-based battles, utilizing team synergy and formations. Experience stories across generations, including never-before-seen tales from New York Times best-selling The Rise of Kyoshi to the Hundred Year War and beyond! Collect and train fierce warriors from across the Four Nations and challenge players from around the world in the PvP Battle Arena!

Avatar Generations is out now for iOS and Android devices.