Avatar Generations adds new event quests and anniversary updates

by on August 4, 2023

Avatar Generations has just gotten a bit bigger, as the first of three anniversary updates is adding new features and content.

Available for most of August (specifically August 1ast to August 29th), Avatar Generations will be getting a new feature in the form of event quests, which give players “self-contained story adventures, available for a limited time, featuring a series of challenging combat encounters; during these events players can earn exclusive and powerful rewards”.

Elsewhere, the developer says that “Zuko Alone Event Quest: Ronin Zuko and Traveler Iroh are in exile from the Fire Nation, and Zuko seeks his own path: available for the month of August”, and that to celebrate one year since the initial beta release, the first annual Generations Festival will be happening. This event will add “huge new features” as well as new heroes, event quests, and more throughout the month of August, across three updates.


Avatar Generations is a mobile RPG adventure in which players assemble a team of iconic heroes and villains as they experience the series’ core story and all-new original content. Players strategize in turn-based battles, utilizing team synergy and formations, and can take on the 100 Year War, the Rise of Kyoshi, and players from around the world in the PvP Battle Arena by collecting the fiercest warriors across the Four Nations in a single team.

The game has been updated pretty regularly, and only last month (July) an iconic moment from Season 1 of The Last Airbender was added. You can refresh your memory and watch the prison break trailer, here. In June, five new rebel characters were added to the game as well: The Blue Spirit, Pirate Captain Jiang, Kyoshi Warrior Sokka, Moon Spirit Yue, and Moon Slayer Zhao.

Avatar Generations is available now for iOS and Android devices.