Dead by Daylight Tome 16 brings a new Summer event and balance changes

by on July 26, 2023

Behaviour Interactive has announced all the details for Dead by Daylight Tome 16: EXISTENCE, which adds new content, and more Nicolas Cage-shaped fun.

Dead by Daylight Tome 16: EXISTENCE carries on the story of the space colonizing characters, and the developer says players are “invited to follow HUX-A7-13, also known as The Singularity, as it gains sentience, begins to question its purpose, and resents being the tool of an inferior species – humans. Then, descend into Gabriel Soma’s mind and examine some memory discrepancies, and the upcoming realization that everything he remembers might not be as it seems”.

Behaviour Interactive adds that “Players are invited to progress through the Rift and the Deep Rift, to complete brand-new gameplay Challenges, and earn sci-fi inspired Cosmetic rewards for Gabriel Soma, The Singularity, The Artist, Haddie Kaur, and more”. The Scorching BBQ event is making a comeback from August 3rd to August 17th, offering themed in-game fun like Margarita Generators, and the Grill Hooks.


The update should be available now for all players, with a list of features as follows:

Successful report feedback: Reporting players that don’t comply with Dead by Daylight’s game rules is crucial. Hence, the team has designed a “Successful Report” feature, letting players see if their past report(s) has led to a ban, along with the reason for banning. The feedback messages will also apply to both temporary and permanent bans, given through problematic behavior like harassment or cheating.

Coldwind Map balance update: The Fractured Cowshed and Rancid Abattoir Maps have been analyzed and reworked thoroughly to adjust tiles and create a more balanced experience for both Killer and Survivors.

The Onryo update: The Onryo is a terrible foe, with the powerful ability to project through Televisions and a dangerous special affliction known as Condemned. The Condemned status effect can stack up to 7 – where a Survivor will automatically be downed and subject to be killed -, which can be accumulated by interacting with The Onryo’s power through the TVs, retrieving a VHS Tape,being hit or turning off a TV.


The updates to The Onryo will push Survivors to think twice before taking a hit of focusing on the VHS Tapes, as Sadako will now be able to see which survivors hold a tape on the HUD when teleporting. This new change will allow Killer mains to choose whether to concentrate on hits – to increase the Survivors’ Condemned stacks – or teleport as much as possible to maintain global pressure on the whole map during a match.

The Onryo update will certainly raise the stakes for Survivors facing Sadako, while simultaneously making matches more strategy-driven for Killer mains.

Elsewhere there are more Nicolas Cage goodies in Dead by Daylight now, with an Essentials Collection adding two of his looks. There’s the Sunset Racer outfit, and the Gorgon Drip outfit. They’re apparently “very rare” and available via the in-game store. A Silent Hill collection will also be coming from August 15th.