Exoprimal Showcase shows off ‘Final Mission Selection’ and post-launch roadmap

by on July 11, 2023

Capcom hosted a special presentation for Exoprimal that shared plenty of new details for their online team-based action game. During the Exoprimal Showcase, Director Takuro Hiraoka offered an early look at upcoming seasonal updates, crossovers with Monster Hunter and Street Fighter 6, ‘Final Mission Selection’ for Dino Survival, and more.

When Exoprimal launches later this week, it’ll feature a mode within Dino Survival called Final Mission Selection that offers three matchmaking options. PvP games sees two rival squads of Exofighters go head-to-head at the end of matches to decide who wins or gets “fed to the raptors.” PvE don’t involve direct PvP, but require speed to complete all objectives first in order to survive. The random option provides “the adventurous with a small experience bonus,” with fighters free to change preference settings to mix things up at any time.

As for the post-launch roadmap, the Exoprimal Showcase offered up plenty of interesting information for what fans can expect in the future. Season 1 begins when the game launches on Friday, with a brand new game mode commencing two weeks later on July 28 called ‘Savage Gauntlet.’ The new mode will challenge teams of five players with late PvE missions rotating weekly and can be replayed for higher rankings and rewards.

On August 17, Exoprimal will feature its first major title update including 10 Alpha variant Exosuits, with the alternate designs featuring completely different weapons from their standard counterparts. Season 2 will kick off in October, and includes a Street Fighter 6 collaboration, a new map and Final Mission, and more rigs and modules.

Finally, in January 2024, Season 3 begins and sees Beta variants of Exosuits, a brand new enemy called the Neo Triceratops, and a collaboration with Monster Hunter. You can watch the Exoprimal Showcase below: