Pokemon Sleep pre-registrations are now open

by on July 6, 2023

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that pre-registrations for Pokemon Sleep are now open, meaning you can sign up for the sleep app that the company says turns sleep into entertainment. Pre-registration for Pokemon Sleep is open for Google Play (Android) devices currently and we’ve even got a new trailer to show off how it all works.

The developer says that “Tto play Pokemon Sleep, players place their smartphone device or Pokémon GO Plus + by their pillow and go to sleep. When they wake up, they can check the results of the sleep tracking, study the sleep styles of the Pokémon that have appeared, and work together with Pokémon sleep researcher Professor Neroli to record them in the Sleep Style Dex”. The Pokemon Company says that “the more sleep players get, and the bigger Snorlax becomes, the more Pokémon they can meet, and the more sleep styles they’ll be able to discover. Players can also raise Snorlax during the day”.


In Pokémon Sleep, players will be assigned a “sleep score” based on how long they’ve slept. Players get 100 points when they sleep for at least 8.5 hours. The longer players sleep, the greater Snorlax’s Drowsy Power will become, which in turn determines how many Pokémon gather each time they wake up.

During the day, the player’s helper Pokémon will gather Berries to give to Snorlax, and can activate skills to support them in raising Snorlax. Helper Pokémon can gather Berries even during times of the day when Pokémon Sleep is not being played.

Sleep will categorised in three types: dozing, snoozing, and slumbering. Apparently “Pokemon whose sleeping pattern matches the player’s sleep type will gather around Snorlax. After players have studied the sleep styles of the gathered Pokemon, they can give Pokemon Poké Biscuits. This will make them friendlier, and they’ll become able to join players as helper Pokemon”.

If you connect your Go Plus + device to Pokemon GO and spin PokeStops, your device will keep a record of it, and give them berries when it’s connected to Sleep. You can also share you “sleep research” with friends by adding players to the app. You can share things like “number of sleep styles”, for example.

Pre-register for the app here, via Google Play.