PUBG: Battlegrounds Bluebomb Rush Mode available on Test Server now

by on July 6, 2023

Krafton has announced that the newly renovated Arcade in PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now via the PC test server, which means you can test out the new Bluebomb Rush Mode now, ahead of the final release to live servers for everyone. The update is planned to go live on July 12th for PC players and July 20th on consoles also adds a new reputation system that lets players reward their teammates.

It’ll also have tweaks to Tactical Gear, as per feedback from players, but the big deal is the PUBG Arcade new mode, and makeover. Krafton says that “the newly revamped PUBG Arcade offers several different ways to play, including Team Deathmatch, Intense Battle Royale, and the new Bluebomb Rush mode. This 6v6 match type is a capture/defend showdown, with teams facing off for control of a Blue Zone Generator. Playing Bluebomb or any of the other PUBG Arcade modes allows you to earn all-new Arcade Points that can be used to purchase Arcade-specific rewards”.

Check out the PUBG patch report for 24.2, which shows off the features, below:


In terms of the new reputation system, it’s explained thus: “If you’ve ever seen someone on your squad pull off an incredible play and you wanted to commend them for it, now you can. Our new Reputation System allows players to shower their teammates with recognition for their skills, leadership, or communication on the battle royale field. Players who receive these commendations will gain points towards their reputation level, which grants an assortment of one-time rewards and recurring benefits”.

The Tactical Gear has had tweaks, as we say, and in that respect the blue chip detector has been removed from tactical gear, while EMT gear has had it’s times changed, with them all being decreased by 1-2 seconds. the repair kit has also changed, with usage dropped from 10 times to 6.

The dev explained, saying: “Tactical Gear has received positive feedback since its launch, but we observed instances where players had to sacrifice their primary weapon slots to make room for Tactical Gear, leading to challenges in combat. Balance issues also emerged with certain gear like the Spotter Scope and Tactical Pack. To address these issues, we made several balance adjustments and introduced a renewed Tactical Gear system in Update 24.1. Our intention was to underscore the strategic aspects of the game and offer players more options to personalize their playstyle, enhancing the diversity of gameplay”.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now.