PUBG Mobile partnership with Dragon Ball Super coming in July

by on June 30, 2023

PUBG Mobile has confirmed that the partnership with Dragon Ball Super will be launching with the huge Version 2.7 update in July.

First revealed back in August 2022, it’s actually the first time that Dragon Ball Super has been part of a mobile-only game, and Krafton says it’ll be one of the biggest partnerships in the history of PUBG Mobile. July sees that 2.7 update drop, which the developer says will include an “unprecedented amount of in-game content”, and will add new game modes, as well as a cast of Dragon Ball Super characters, along with limited time sets and items to use.

PUBG Mobile has previously collaborated with other beloved anime properties, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jujusu Kaisen, and even the recent League of Legends Netflix series, Arcane (series 2 when, Netflix?). However, this Dragon Ball Super collaboration sounds like it’s going to be something even bigger, with the team saying it’s unlike anything the game has previously undertaken, “bringing players closer to this globally beloved world and cast of characters than ever before”.


It’s interesting that the game is partnering with Dragon Ball Super, as it’s the more current show, and is still running to date. As we say, the mobile version is no stranger to collaborations, even adding Bruce Lee not that long ago.

In other PUBG related news, the non-mobile game has recently had a massive overhaul and a tactical gear slot added, while the Nations Cup 2023 teams and host city have also been revealed. The tournament will have a large prize pool of $300,000, which doesn’t yet include additional crowdfunding contributions.

The previous tournament event was in Bangkok, Thailand, last year, where the UK team won the whole thing. The developer/publisher says that “of the Europe and Middle East teams, Team Germany and Türkiye are also returning to the stage after their participation in the two previous editions. This year, Team Denmark is a new addition to the territories participating in the tournament”.

PUBG Mobile is available for free, now.