Dragon Ball: The Breakers season 5 adds more content today

by on February 29, 2024

Season 5 of Dragon Ball: The Breakers has kicked off today, adding new content like Zamasu and Goku Black, as well as new survivor skins.

The publisher says that unlike previous raiders in the game, Zamasu and Goku Black will fight together as a team against the Survivors, which now includes Future Mai, Jaco, and Puar.

Check out the new season 5 trailer, below:


Players using the new survivor skins will also unlock the special skills that come with each of them, allowing for numerous offensive and defensive strategic choices in order to win their battles.

Survivors can also acquire the “Super Transphere” ability as a countermeasure, which enables them to transform into the Trunks and Vegito forms to fight against the Raider. With the help of the Super Warriors, players can aim for victory on the Survivors’ side!

Bandai Namco says that “Zamasu and Goku Black will have no mercy for Survivors as they stand in the way of their Zero Mortals Plan. Their gameplay changes depending on the evolution stage they are at” as follows:

  • The fight begins with Zamasu at Level 1; once he reaches the end of that level or is temporarily defeated by Survivors, Goku Black appears
  • By Level 2, players take control of Goku Black and fight alongside Zamasu (controlled by the CPU) to hunt down Survivors
  • In Level 3, Goku Black transforms into Goku Black (Super Saiyan RosĂ©) and acquires enhanced skills; players keep control of him until Level 4
  • At Level 4, Zamasu fuses with Goku Black and his new special powers pose an even bigger threat to the Survivors’ chances at victory. When his HP drops below a certain level, he becomes Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted), with another set of skills and performances.

Elsewhere in Dragon Ball news, FighterZ has a current-generation edition, and it’s out today.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is out now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.