Sengoku Dynasty launches Early Access next month

by on July 12, 2023

Superkami and Toplitz Productions have today announced that Sengoku Dynasty will be launching on Steam Early Access on August 10. During its Early Access, players will be offered hours of exploration, crafting, and resource gathering, whether playing alone or with up to four friends via its co-op mode.

Sengoku Dynasty is an all-new adventure set against the backdrop of a fictional Japan ravaged by famine and war. Players will need to rise from a simple peasant to become a legend, as they secure their legacy and build their Kingdom.

Superkami has made sure Sengoku Dynasty is a realistic and faithful representation, utilising plenty of information and visual resources which include historical and cinematic references, and photos from museum exhibits. Unreal Engine 5 has been used to bring its landscapes to life, and the huge open world will embrace the changing seasons as players explore “ancient forests, serene cherry groves, mist-covered hot springs and snow-covered mountain terrain.”

In terms of its gameplay, players will be tasked with growing and developing their villages by crafting tools and weapons, and meals and medicines, cultivating their land to keep their communities alive. Managing multiple locations and building expansive settlements to increase influence is key, as is obtaining vital resources and developing projects. Sengoku Dynasty offers plenty of freedom to create huge inter-connected towns featuring everything from rice fields and bridges to watchtowers and shrines.

In August, Superkami will reveal more details about the game after launch which will include a roadmap of forthcoming features and content updates. The developers will also listen to player feedback during the Sengoku Dynasty Early Access period with the hopes of refining the game and implementing regular updates and devlogs.

To learn more, you can read the developer Q & A from Steam here.