Remnant 2 update fixes achievements, adds Archetype updates

by on August 11, 2023

Another update has dropped for Remnant 2, and it’s yet another large quality of life update, while also fixing a lot of issues, and adjusting balance of the game via smaller changes. This follows the last patch which nerfed my favourite gun (Enigma) a bit, adjusted the trait cap, and made changes to multiple Archetypes, as well.

One of the bigger changes for Remnant 2 patch 384,210 is to armour. The developer explained that “We made a few tweaks to various armour types to give them unique benefits that were applicable for all difficulties. We felt that the baseline Heavy Armor values (at approximately 35% Damage Reduction) were in a good spot, especially with our recent changes to certain enemy affixes, so we adjusted the other armours to bring them up to par in their own way. Armor-based Damage Reduction is typically the easiest type of DR to get in the game, and due to its importance at higher levels, the lower-value armours were becoming less than desirable”.

This means there’s adjustments to damage reductions pretty much across the board, and stamina costs and evade values have also been adjusted, too. The developer did say, however, that “No changes were made to Stamina Cost Penalty. These are original values. Additionally, Heavy Evade and Ultra Heavy Flop have their original iFrame value as well. The only changes regarding iFrames were to the two lighter Weight Classes”.


Elsewhere, co-op should get slightly easier, as Gunfire says that it has “reduced Multiplayer Scaling per player by an additional 5% (from 15% to 10%). This means that in 3 player co-op, all players will now take 10% less damage (5% less per player)”, while also giving a longer invulnerability window after being revived. Also experience gained is now shared across any distance in multiplayer, even to dead teammates, whereas it was previously of a 40m max range.

One of the biggest complaints has been fixed, and the team has “retroactively fixed several achievements that weren’t tracked correctly”, and “retroactively fixed as many difficulty-based rewards as possible”, while noting that “to unlock difficulty rewards and achievements, you must interact with the World Stone.

The team has also “added all unlocked Archetypes to Wallace’s inventory. If players have unlocked any Secret Archetype (by converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram), he will then sell them for all future characters. If you can start with it, Wallace will sell it”.

Archetypes have been tweaked too, with Engineer now receiving XP from turret kills, controller rumble removed from Summoner Minions when they’re near the player, and also not targeting pigs in Losom.

Lastly of note the requirement to unlock the Revivalist Trait (you get it after reviving teammates a lot) has been reduced, and now counts the dog if you’re a Handler class.

There’s a lot more to come for the game, as the Game Director, David Adams, recently confirmed that more Archetypes are coming as DLC.

Remnant 2 is out now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X.