Remnant 2 first major update makes balance changes, fixes issues

by on August 7, 2023

Gunfire Games has announced the first big Remnant 2 update, and while it’s only currently on PC, the developer says there’s more to come. It’s no surprise that the first Remnant 2 update is here so soon, perhaps, as it’s already sold more than a million copies, so lots are playing, and if there’s issues with the game, it’s always best to fix them quickly.

The developer says it’s been paying attention to the social media channels, as well as Reddit, Steam forums, and Discord, and the update is for PC only at the moment.

There are performance improvements and crash fixes, but one of the first major quality of life updates is that the Trait Cap has been improved by five. Gunfire Games says that now, after the Remnant 2 update has been downloaded, you will get Scrap and EXP when you pick up a Tome of Knowledge if you’ve hit that cap, which is great, as beforehand you just get nothing. The Orb of Undoing (respec item) is now an unlimited use tool, and if you have extras you can sell them for scrap.


Interestingly, you can now equip a second Archetype as soon as you find one, without needing to hit the Trait requirement of ten. Lumenite costs have been reduced for Mysterious Items, and there’s been an increased gain for Scrap when opening Rare Chests or killing Aberrations. The team has also reduced the cost of Bloodrot.

You can check out all the balance changes on the official blog, but one of the major ones is to help “make sure Explorer could maintain Scavenger longer between fights and give them more freedom while Gold Digger Fountains were active. We increased the durations by 5s each and boosted the Healing Fountain to be more enticing”. Elsewhere Summoner has had an increase to the base health of the Hollow and Flyer variants.

One of my favourite weapons, Enigma has seen a slight nerf, with the developer saying “Enigma was performing too far above our goal for AOE clear, so a few adjustments were made. There is still an issue with it ignoring Armor which will be addressed in the future. However, when that happens, we will reevaluate the numbers”. It’s has the AOE burst damage reduced from 40 to 30, and the tether damage from 75% to 65%, but also the magazine capacity dropped from 30 to 25, and the reserves upped from 120 to 125.

Lastly of note is that in multiplayer the update has “reduced incoming damage in Multiplayer from 25% per additional player to 15% per player”.

Remnant 2 is out now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X.