Fae Farm from Phoenix Labs out now

by on September 8, 2023

Phoenix Labs has today released Fae Farm, the magical farming management sim and second game from the studio after Dauntless. Available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Epic Games, it brings its chilled out and cute vibes to platforms as you create a thriving business as a farmer on the wondrous land of Azoria.  

Infused with magic and mystery, Fae Farm invites players to a wondrous land where they will build the  fairy-tale life of their dreams, growing crops, catching critters, raising farm animals, and crafting a wide  range of unique items to customize their homes and character’s appearance. Cosy vibes radiate from  every corner of Azoria, across multiple unique environments, and from the charming characters and cute  creatures that populate the island. Players can even befriend many characters over the course of their  journey, some of whom will be interested in romance, and possibly even marriage! 


“The team has truly built the cosy farm sim we’ve always wanted to play, and I’m inspired every time I  recognize the intention behind every nook and cranny of Fae Farm’s gorgeous world,” said Isaac Epp, Fae  Farm Game Director, Phoenix Labs. “It’s been especially delightful to get the game in players’ hands this year and watch them uncover the depth and breadth of Fae Farm’s gameplay. I can’t wait to see all the cosy creations players come up with in the months and years to come.” 

We reviewed Fae Farm and had a blast with it, saying, “Fae Farm is filled with wonder. The characters are lovely and welcoming, the grind is never a chore and you’re always busy doing something. Some early quests don’t explain how to craft a certain item as well as they could, but once you get to grips with the mechanics, the pacing is wonderful. Simply by playing and exploring, you’ll learn naturally how to play, providing one of the most satisfying experiences with a fun little story at its heart.”