Fae Farm new DLC, Skies of Azoria released today

by on June 20, 2024

Developer Phoenix Labs has announced that new DLC for Fae Farm, Skies of Azoria has been released today.

The team is calling it a “major content update”, as it adds three “mystical regions of Skyvale”, which is an all-new realm in the clouds. There are new friends to meet, new romantic interests, and new puzzles to solve, and best of all, the Skies of Azoria update for Fae Farm is free for Switch players, and is part of the deluxe edition if you’re on PC. If you do just own the standard edition on PC, it’ll cost you $14.99 / €14.99 / £12.79 on Steam or Epic Games Store.

Check out the new trailer, below:


Skyvale, the setting for Skies of Azoria, is a mysterious celestial realm situated over the lands previously discovered in Fae Farm. The winged denizens invites players to visit them as the patron Sprite, Gusto, has turned unusually moody, and new dungeons with puzzles to solve with rewards to collect are part of the solution. Players can meet a host of new characters and build relationships with them, platonically or romantically, as well as master new skills, recipes and potions. Take home exciting new crops and resources as well as new cosmetics and decorations.

Fae Farm: Skies of Azoria is neatly intertwined with the main storyline, so players can start a new adventure and discover how this content and its new gameplay features weave into the main narrative. Alternatively, players who have completed the main story can easily jump right into the Skies of Azoria content update and experience it as a standalone adventure.

Fae Farm features cross-play so whichever format you’re on, you can play with up to four players in the online multiplayer. In our review we said: “The characters are lovely and welcoming, the grind is never a chore and you’re always busy doing something. Some early quests don’t explain how to craft a certain item as well as they could, but once you get to grips with the mechanics, the pacing is wonderful. Simply by playing and exploring, you’ll learn naturally how to play, providing one of the most satisfying experiences with a fun little story at its heart.”

Fae Farm is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch.