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by on September 15, 2023

Lies of P is filled with secrets to uncover, side quests to complete, and puzzles to solve. One of the more interesting puzzle types involve Cryptic Vessels, locked boxes that contain ciphers you’ll need to take to Venigni to decrypt. But how do you find them in the first place? Read on to find out where to find – and how to solve – the first puzzle, in our guide to the Crafted Cryptic Vessel puzzle in Lies of P.

How do I find the Crafted Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P?

This is a strange one, and very hard to find if you’re not very inquisitive – or not sure where to look in the first place. In order to find it you’ll need to make your way through the St Frangelico Cathedral, which is Area IV. When you first enter the Cathedral proper, you’ll find yourself in a large room with a huge water wheel, flooded with poisonous waste.

Lies of P Crafted Cryptic Vessel

You can’t do anything yet, but make note of the wheel itself, which is currently moving downwards and of no use. Fight through the Cathedral, until you reach a high point above this main room. You’ll find a caged wall and a lever, which reverses the wheel and creates a shortcut from the bottom of the Cathedral all the way up to the top and the boss room with Fallen Archbishop Andreus.


While you’re up here, explore the rafters and you should see a huge bowl of fire with a glowing interaction point. You can push the bowl of fire down into the first room and it will burn away the waste. Now head down but do not reverse the lift as you’ll close of your shortcut. Instead, you can carefully pick your way down to the ground floor using a series of platforms, where you’ll find that the waste was hiding a secret room. Head down into it to find the Crafted Cryptic Vessel.

Lies of P Crafted Cryptic Vessel

Lies of P Crafted Crytpic Vessel | Now what do I do with it?

Once you have it, go and see Venigni in Hotel Krat and he will decipher the lock and open the Vessel. Inside is a picture of the bridge to Elysion Boulevard from the first area of the game, with the hanging puppet. If you’re not sure, it’s the bridge where you fought the Mad Donkey and first found Gepetto.

Lies of P

Head there now, and when you arrive, interact with the hanging puppet. You can lock onto it like an enemy and use a sawtoothed wheel to knock down an item. Grab it to receive another clue, which indicates a house you’ll need to find. You’ll also receive a key to get in.

Lies of P Crafted Cryptic Vessel

Return to the rooftops of Elysion Boulevard, where you need to find one of the butler puppets armed with a flintlock. Kill it, and then locate 221b Elysion Boulevard (a gentle nod to Sherlock Holmes there), which should be right behind the puppet. Inside you’ll find a large safe containing a piece of Quartz, and the Owl Doctor costume.

Lies of P

And there you go, that’s how you solve the Crafted Cryptic Vessel puzzle in Lies of P and get your mitts on a rare outfit. Check out the full review here, and have a look at our other Lies of P guides below.

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