Lies of P complete guide | side quests, upgrades, all you need

by on September 15, 2023

In our Lies of P complete guide, we’ll aim to reveal some of the mysteries of this wonderful soulslike/masocore title for you. Because it pays homage to the fantastic titles fans of the genre have grown to love, like Bloodborne and the Souls series, it does slightly revel in not explaining everything very clearly. It has it’s own language, and mechanics that, while familiar need explaining, or working out.

For example, what are pulse cells, and how do you get more of them? Does Lies of P use boss “souls” like the series it pays homage to? What about your Legion arm: how do you upgrade that, and what should you stick with, weapon wise, for the early game? Hopefully with our Lies of P complete guide we’ll aim to solve any issues you have, from early side quests like finding the “baby” for a silhouette in a window, to full on secret rooms you otherwise couldn’t know about.

Well then, bookmark this page, and we’ll update it as we find more, because like any good Souls game, Lies of P is full of secrets. You can click the text or an image relevant to what you want to read about, and that’s all there is to using our Lies of P complete guide. Enjoy!

Boss weapons and how to get them

Lies of P Boss Weapons


How to upgrade your Legion Arm

Lies of P Legion Arms


How to fast travel

Lies of P fast travel


Lies of P complete guide: Humanity

Lies of P Humanity


How to get more Pulse cells

Lies of P Pulse Cells


Best weapon upgrades and how to do it

Lies of P upgrade weapons


Weeping Woman Sidequest Guide

Lies of P Weeping Woman


Guard Regain Mechanic Guide

Lies of P Regain


How to repair weapon durabilty

Lies of P repair weapons


Crafted Cryptic Vessel Guide

Lies of P Crafted Cryptic Vessel


How to respec character level, Legion Arm, and P-Organ

Lies of P respec