Lies of P | How to respec

by on September 15, 2023

While you can change Legion Arm, weapons, amulets, and parts in Lies of P, it locks you into a certain path for a lot of the game. You can’t undo Legion Arm upgrades or Ergo points spent, for example – at least, not until you reach a certain point. But where and how do you respec? Where’s the NPC who provides the service, and what does it cost. Read on, and we’ll explain how to respec in Lies of P.

Where do I respec?

The character who allows you to respec is actually one of the first NPCs you meet. Sophia, your guide in the hotel and the NPC who allows you to level up by spending Ergo, will allow you to respec for a cost, but only when you find the Saintess of Mercy statue. To find it, you’ll need to fight your way through to the end of Area VII, after the boss fight with Champion Viktor.

Lies of P respec

It’s an incredibly tough two-phase boss fight that can be likened to the Godric fight in Elden Ring. Viktor is melee-focused and very powerful, with a vast suite of moves and a lot of attacks that require perfect parries. He is weak to fire, though, so bring thermite and a fire weapon, as well as the Flamberge Legion Arm, to make the fight easier.

Lies of P respec

After Viktor falls you’ll be given the Saintess of Mercy Gallery Key, which unlocks the double doors near the area in the Grand Exhibition where you found the cable car guarded by gunners, close to the Super Soldier miniboss.

In here, you’ll find Sophia and earn the Respect emote. There’s also a handy Stargazer in here so you can return swiftly. Sophia will instruct you to interact with the Saintess of Mercy statue, which will allow you to reset you character level, P-Organ upgrades, and Legion Arm upgrades for the cost of several Gold Coin Fruit.

Lies of P respec

Gold Coin Fruit can be plucked at regular intervals from the Gold Coin Fruit Tree through the hidden passage at Hotel Krat. You should have access to it before you even reach Viktor and the Grand Exhibition. And that’s all there is to it, now you know how to respec in LIes of P. Enjoy tweaking your builds to get them just right. Check out the full review here, and have a look at our other Lies of P guides below.

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