Lies of P | How to get more Pulse Cells

by on September 15, 2023

Pulse Cells are the most important item in Lies of P, bar none. These act as P’s health refills, and are roughly analogous to Estus Flasks and Blood Vials. You’ll begin the game with just 3 once you reach the Grand Exhibition statue in Krat Central Station, but you can acquire more as you play. Read on to learn how to get more Pulse Cells in Lies of P.

Lies of P | How to get more Pulse Cells

There are two main ways to acquire more Pulse Cells. Firstly, Gepetto will give one to P at two points in the game. Firstly when you rescue him from the Mad Donkey Stalker on the Ceresani Bridge, and once later before he sends you to the Lorenzini Arcade.

However, you can also acquire more Pulse Cells by spending Quartz in Gepetto’s study in Hotel Krat. Once you have a poiece of Quartz, head upstairs and follow the corridor to the study, and sit in Gepetto’s chair. The seat will be glowing if you have Quartz.

Lies of P Pulse Cells

Now you can use Quartz to modify P’s heart, comically named the P-Organ. This has 5 phases, and each phase requires a set amount of Quartz to fully unlock. Each node needs two or more pieces to activate it, and you must activate two nodes to unlock the next Phase. Each Phase offers a Pulse Cell as one of the upgrades.

For example, Phase One requires two Quartz pieces to unlock the first extra Pulse Cell. You’ll also unlock permanent buffs for P while upgrading the P-Organ, as each Quartz you spend allows you to choose from a long list of improvements to everything from health recovery to parry window.

There you go, now you know how to acquire more Pulse Cells in Lies of P. Check out the full review here, and have a look at our other Lies of P guides below.

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