Alan wake 2 | How many cars are in the factory

by on October 27, 2023

Alan Wake 2 is filled with so many puzzles that you’ll spend quite some time to work out. Whether it’s looking around a room for clues to unlock a padlock or work out a password, head scratching is a constant. One such puzzle that had us stumped for some time in Alan Wake 2 revolves around one questioned based in mathematics, ‘how many cars are in the factory?’

As Saga, you’ll find a cult stash in Watery with a document on to that has the following conundrum on it:

There are 200 total vehicles in a factory, consisting of bicycles and cars. Each car has four wheels, and each bicycle has 2 wheels. There are a total of 754 wheels in the factory: how many cars are in the factory?

If you’re not familiar with your mathematics (and believe us, we aren’t), this equation might take some time to work out. After some time, we worked it out to be ‘177,’ and that is the code for this particular padlock. Here’s the location:

Alan Wake 2 how many cars guide location

In Alan Wake 2, there’s plenty of equipment across the town of Bright Falls and surrounding areas, including cult stash locations which include a bounty of bullets, flares, and more. Saga Anderson has her work cut out for her, but by finding these, you’ll be able to stock up on important supplies in your fight against the Taken. We’ve put together a guide that shows you exactly how to find all the cult stash locations in Alan Wake 2 so you won’t miss a single one, including this one with the ‘how many cars in the factory’ puzzle. You can check it out right here so that you’ll never be short of those valuable items to keep those Taken at bay.

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