Lords of the Fallen sells a million copies in first ten days

by on October 24, 2023

CI Games has announced that Lords of the Fallen has hit the one million sales marker only ten days after launch on consoles and PC.

Developed by CI Games’ internal studio Hexworks, the studio head Saul Gascon said: “Thank you to all the Lampbearers out there who have embarked on their journeys across Mournstead, fearlessly traversing the lands of the living and the dead”, adding “We’re incredibly grateful to the passionate Lords of the Fallen community for their invaluable feedback and ongoing support. It’s their unwavering dedication that has made this success possible, and we couldn’t be prouder to share it with them”.


“Lords of the Fallen is the most important and ambitious game we’ve developed in our 20-year history, and the first in our new planned AAA pipeline of games in the years ahead,” said Marek Tyminski, CEO, CI Games, adding: “To see this fresh and innovative take on the action-RPG achieve one million sales in just 10 days has been humbling for everybody at Hexworks and CI Games”.

Lords of the Fallen is one of the most updated games we’ve seen, seemingly getting new fixes and updates on an almost daily basis, so it’s great to see commitment from the developer to making it the best it can be. It also has one of the best co-op systems we’ve seen in a Souls-like title, just… letting you play with your pals until you’re done.

Mick Fraser gave it 8/10 in his review, saying “Weird decisions like locking flavour text behind a specific stat that some players simply won’t need, or restricting you to equipping either magic or ranged but not both, do hinder the experience. Still, there’s no denying that Hexworks has done a fine job bringing the world of Axiom to life. The atmosphere is superb, and those who crave the kind of challenge rarely seen even in this genre will fall in love with Lords of the Fallen”.

Lords of the Fallen is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.