Cookie Cutter is coming in December, console version announced

by on November 29, 2023

Rogue Games, Inc has confirmed the release date for Cookie Cutter, but also announced a little surprise, in the form of revealing it’s also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Cookie Cutter is a hand-drawn (and pretty violent) MetroidVania, that we spotted in 2023 and even listed in our original “most anticipated” list for this year, and thankfully, it is making calendar year 2023, but only just.

Announced via a new trailer (that you can see below), the publisher explained: “We’ve got an early holiday gift for you! Cookie Cutter is coming out December 14, 2023! And guess what? It’s releasing on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Join Cherry as she exacts gruesome revenge on hordes of enemies in a thrill-ride action-packed Metroidvania filled with hours upon hours of gameplay in an epic hand-drawn world”.


The Void. The Matter. The Megastructure. A dystopian world with an egomaniac leader determined to unveil the secrets of the universe. INFONET promised a utopia built on the backs of tireless androids called Denzels. It was a lie.

200 years later the planet is decaying and the mysterious Red Seed has been stolen. Raz, a renegade mechanic, searches a hidden lab and discovers the Denzel Cherry, butchered and left for dead, clinging to life by sheer will alone. Her creator—and the love of her life, Doctor Shinji Fallon—has been taken by a demented sicko and Cherry intends to make him—and anybody or anything who gets in her way—pay.

Fueled by love and powered by rage, join Cherry on a blood-soaked quest for revenge as she explores the massive Megastructure and eviscerates the armies of INFONET in an unforgettable over-the-top 2D platformer that breaks tropes and bones.

We’ve been playing a preview build of this one, and we’re all pretty impressed with how it plays and looks. Expect more words soon from us.

Cookie Cutter is coming to PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PS5 on December 14th.