Lies of P balance update adjusts monster attack speed, difficulty, and more

by on November 16, 2023

Developer NeoWiz has released a major update for Lies of P that has all manner of balance changes and bug fixes.

The balance patch was confirmed just over two weeks ago via a developer video, where the sequel and forthcoming DLC was teased. There’s new content that’s been added too in the form of the Alchemist’s Hat, Treasure Hunter’s Mask, Treasure Hunter’s Hunting Apparel, and Illusory Emerald Glasses, which can be found in the bag menu after updating the game. As well as this the ability to wear a mask and accessory at the same time has been added, while a new hair style (short grey hair) has been included, and subtitle size has been added as an option.

However, the biggest update is to the difficulty of the game, which has been changed thusly:

  • Adjusted the attack speed of some monsters to make their attack more intuitive.
  • Increased the duration of stance breaks for some monsters.
  • Adjusted the spawn locations of some monsters and traps to fit better with the flow of the game.


The P-Organ, ‘Rising Dodge’ has been changed to a default ability, and you will now “Retain Guard Regain upon Pulse Cell use” has been added to the P-Organ system to replace “Rising Dodge”.

There’s also a whole host of combat balance adjustments, as follows:

  • Increased the damage of some weapons.
  • Increased some weapons to trigger stance breaks to monsters more frequently.
  • Now relatively lighter Blades will gain more ‘Guard Regain’, while heavier Blades gain less ‘Guard Regain’.
  • Decreased the delay after an attack and the time to charge a ‘Charge Attack’ for some heavy handles.
  • Now some heavier handles will have a faster attack speed depending on the assembled blade.
  • Adjusted the ‘Destruction Damage’ inflicted to monsets by a ‘Perfect Guard’.
  • The weapon ‘Puppet’s Saber Blade’ will now have increased stats after enhancing.
  • Increased the movement distance while using the ‘Proof of Humanity’ weapon’s attack skill.
  • Increased the damage reduction rate while guarding the weapon ‘Etiquette’ but reduced the fable’s charge amount for a set period of time when attacking.
  • Enhanced the attack tracking mechanism after successfully performing the Fable Arts, ‘Guard Parry’.
  • Increased the damage buff of ‘Bell of Provocation’ to the player.
  • “The Attribute Status Ailments will now stack faster for the following Fable Arts: Thunderstrike, Flamestrike, Acid Slash
  • Increased the damage of Fatal Attacks to better scale with the players stats.
  • Increased the attack radius and tracking mechanism of the Legion Arm, ‘Aegis III – Counter Charge’.
  • The pillars in the ‘Kill King’s Flame, Fuoco’s room will now only be destroyed by Fuoco’s Fury Attacks.

Lies of P is out now for PC and console, and it’s also in Game Pass. Check out our Complete Guide to the game.