Lies of P DLC and sequel teased, balance patch is incoming

by on November 1, 2023

After celebrating over a million sales of Lies of P, developer NeoWiz has come out with news of an update, soundtrack release, and a tease for Lies of P DLC.

The news drop comes via a new developer video hosted by Game Director Jiwon Choi, who basically brings fans up to speed on all things related to the game, including the tease of that Lies of P DLC. Having launched on September 19th to pretty much widespread acclaim, the first part of news is that the in November you can get Alidoro’s costume (including his mask), and that glasses and hats that currently can’t be worn together, will be getting an extra facial slot in an upcoming patch, so you can wear both.

The soundtrack for the game is being prepared for release, and will include more than 60 tracks. Choi says that “Although the preparation process is taking a bit longer than anticipated, we’ll make sure to release it as swiftly as we can”. The Lies of P x Wo  Long crossover is still coming, too.

Anyway, you can check out the full video, below:


Choi says “our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel. The dev team is putting in significant effort, brainstorming and exploring different aspects of the projects”, before adding “I’d like to share some details on the upcoming patch”. You can catch a glimpse of concept art for the DLC around the seventh minute of the video.

The dates for that patch aren’t decided yet, but Choi explained that it’s planned for November, and discussed weapon balance, talking about the assembly part of the game. This is something the team are hoping to balance out, as specific weapons will be tweaked, with full details coming soon. The director added that the team has received feedback that the initial stats for the player character aren’t right, and so NeoWiz will be adding “Rising Dodge” as a default skill, so you don’t need to unlock it from the P-Organ. On top of that, Polendia will sell 2 extra Quartz from the first stage of his shop, meaning you can get some more upgrades from the P-Organ earlier.

Mick loved the game, awarding it top marks in our review, saying: “Occasionally, Lies of P falls victim to the usual Soulsborne trap of not explaining all of its mechanics. But there’s so much atmosphere, story, personality, and creativity in it that it’s hard to mind too much. Its obtuseness might put off newcomers a little, but then this is not a game built to be anyone’s first Soulslike. It’s incredibly hard at times, but veterans of the genre will fall in love with every aspect of it. Lies of P is a staggering achievement for Neowiz, and one of the very best “non-FromSoft” Soulslikes I’ve ever played”.

Lies of P is out now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It’s also in Game Pass.

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