World War Z Aftermath: Valley of the Zeke DLC is out today

by on December 5, 2023

Saber Interactive has announced that the World War Z Aftermath: Valley of the Zeke DLC is out today for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox and will cost £8.50 / €9.99/ for PlayStation, and £8.39 (or €9.99) for Xbox, and £8.49 (€9.99) for PC.

In case you didn’t realise, this is the game based on the Paramount Pictures film, and is a co-op Zombie shooter. The new DLC that’s out today is a “premium campaign” set in Arizona, and features three new maps as well as four new playable characters.

Check out the new trailer, official word from the press release, and more:


Powered by the next generation of Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine, World War Z: Aftermath lets you play solo with AI squadmates or in co-op for up to four players with full crossplay between PC and consoles. Take on hordes of ravenous zombies with all content from World War Z: Game of the Year Edition, featuring full episodes in New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Marseille, Rome/Vatican City, and the Kamchatka peninsula, as well as the new premium Arizona campaign episode! Experience the heartpounding immersion of Aftermath’s optional first-person mode, decimate the undead with unique melee weapons, and master eight classes with distinct play styles and customizable loadouts

The premium “Valley of the Zeke” campaign episode introduces three original maps set in the heart of the American Southwest: Arizona. Choose between four new survivors and guide your caravan to safety across the desert and through the remnants of humanity’s devastated urban strongholds.

Players can also buy two new paid DLC skin packs starting today for $4.99 each – the Pre-Apocalypse Character Skins Pack and the Burning Skulls Weapons Skin Pack.

The World War Z Aftermath: Valley of the Zeke DLC update also adds other free content for people who own the original game or Aftermath, as follows:

  • New zombie enemy types that appear across all episodes: the Juggernaut, a special zombie unit that relentlessly charges anything and everything in its path, and new military zombies equipped with additional combat armour.
  • Introducing the De50 Heavy Pistol secondary weapon, a large-caliber firearm packing a ton of destructive power.\
  • Unleash an array of thrilling mutators for wildly new experiences in Challenge Mode and
  • Challenge Horde Mode! Transform the battlefield by arming auto-turrets with explosive ammo, call your inner cowboy and make everyone wield repeating rifles and revolvers, and more!
  • For PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC players, the Rome XL map is now available in Challenge Horde Mode, offering a dynamic environment to navigate and conquer.

World War Z Aftermath: Valley of the Zeke is out today for PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.