Apple Arcade releases new games today

by on January 4, 2024

After the announcement last month, Apple Arcade has added three new games to its library, all available from today. The new games for Apple Arcade are Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, Cornsweeer, and Blackjack by MobilityWare+. There’re also some major content updates coming as part of the Apple Arcade January update.

Last month, we wrote the following about the three new games:

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom looks set to bring the pocket-sized virtual friend to Apple Arcade in January, as players “embark on a heartwarming experience in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, joining adorable hero Mametchi in restoring harmony to the Tamagotchi planet after a mysterious impact shakes the kingdom.” Players will be able to explore and encounter nearly 300 characters while building their own wilderness camp. There will be regular content updates for the title, and is perfect for players of all ages, especially for those like us who grew up taking their Tamagotchi’s to school.

Cornsweeper has been developed by Jamaican solo developer wbuttr, and is described as a “meditative mind-sweep-em-up,” where players “pop delicious popcorn and avoid explosions, all set to a relaxing and original lo-fi inspired soundtrack with some reggae infusions.” It has been influenced greatly by wbuttr’s Jamaican cultural heritage, who believes in “spreading warmth through hand-crafted, illustrative designs and a spirit of giving,” featuring localisation in Jamaican Patios, the local dialect.

Finally, the last announcement coming to Apple Arcade January for now, is Blackjack by MobilityWare+. It’ll feature iconic locations such as London and Barcelona, and aims to do more than the standard Hit or Stand to explore authentic gameplay like splitting and doubling down. Players can delight “in special features like the table run progression system, allowing players to earn coveted “Titles” and unlock new tables.” It sounds like much more than the standard blackjack experience, offering a new level of excitement to the game.

As for the content updates coming to big games on Apple Arcade, Crayola Create and Play+ gets a winter wonderland-themed makeover on January 12, featuring a limited-time winter skin for the Rainbow Rush activity, and kicks off the annual Creativity Week. Jetpack Joyride 2 will feature a new Hamster Ball vehicle, Camouflage hero skin, and the Water Jetpack. Other games, such as What The Car?, Cityscapes, and Cut the Rope 3 will also release new updates.

On January 19, Hello Kitty Island Adventure will be celebrating the Year of the Dragon with the Luck and Lanterns Festival, when a dragon flies over Friendship Island. There’s plenty to look forward to in January, with new games and content updates gracing many of the games on Apple Arcade.